Hotel Pieksänlinna


Hotel Pieksänlinna aims to provide its customers with a comfortable and safe experience.

To ensure communal comfort and safety, all individuals staying at Hotel Pieksänlinna are required to adhere to these rules.

Violation of these rules may result in immediate expulsion from the hotel and liability for damages.

Guests must observe good manners and behave appropriately within the hotel premises. Guests should not disturb other hotel residents or nearby residents by making noise, damaging property, or engaging in any other disruptive behavior.

Guests are responsible for the actions of any individuals they admit to the hotel premises.

Property in hotel rooms and common areas (such as furniture, linens, and other amenities including fire alarms, showers, TVs, and other hotel service equipment) must not be damaged.

Hotel room furnishings or hotel property must not be removed from the room.

Bringing narcotics, illegal substances, or dangerous items or substances capable of harming others into the hotel premises is prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate expulsion of the customer and prevention of future visits.

Every guest has the right to a peaceful stay. Especially after 10:00 PM, guests should avoid loud talking, music, or any other noise that may disturb other guests.

Hotel Pieksänlinna is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking and open flames (including burning candles, incense, etc.) in rooms and other hotel areas are strictly prohibited and may trigger an automatic fire alarm. Any individual acting contrary to this prohibition will be responsible for all resulting alarm, maintenance, and cleaning costs.

Bringing pets into the hotel premises is strictly prohibited. Guests bringing animals into the hotel premises are required to reimburse all maintenance, administrative, and cleaning costs resulting from the violation.

Allowing unauthorized or external individuals into the hotel premises is prohibited. Hotel exterior doors and hotel room doors must be kept locked to prevent unauthorized access to hotel premises. Guests must always ensure that the hotel’s exterior door locks after they pass through it.

Key codes provided to guests must be kept safe and must not be shared with anyone other than individuals listed as staying in the room.

For the sake of general safety and the protection of guests’ property, guests are not allowed to store any items in hotel common areas.

To maintain order and ensure the safety of guests, there are surveillance cameras in hotel common areas for access control purposes.

If necessary, guests can contact the police (112) in case of disturbances.

Hotel Pieksänlinna’s accommodation facilities are intended solely for personal accommodation purposes.